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Thorinder Grinder

The Thorinder Grinder by After Grow is built to last from super-strong anodized aluminum and medical-grade stainless steel. This premium 4-part grinder is lavishly decorated and presented in a jewelry style display case. A clear top allows you to see exactly how finely you’re grinding your herbs and the lightning bolt shaped CNC-cut teeth act to ensure that your herbs always finish with the right consistency. The lid closes magnetically and it includes a pollen sieve to make sure nothing goes to waste. This is the ultimate tool for all your grinding needs!

Size: 50mm
Includes a cleaning tool.
Available in Blue, Green, Silver & Orange


Dutch Orange Intense

Another great blend from the Dutch Orange series with a new intense impact. With its higher concentration of core ingredients you will be very happy with this new smoking blend. Taking the same characteristics as the Dutch Orange Intense Hash, this blend will give you a stronger and longer lasting effect. A great addition to a quality brand of 100% legal smoking blends.

Magestic madness

Be prepared to experience the most potent magic truffle known to mankind! Ride the psychedelic spectrum through all its marvelous levels and feel the rainbow. These sclerotia take the best from the Psilocybe world and comprise a mix of both larger and medium sized Tampanensis.

These are to be taken with the clear mind of traveling to a new destination and get ready to have one of the best times of your truffle life.

Not really intended for the first time user, these truffles pack a punch and will open your mind to so many wonderful new experiences.